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Our Achievements
Gender Sensitivity Training
October 28, 2019

Fish Processors and Fishermen being taken through the Gender Sensitivity training which is one of the many activities of the one-year project titled “Gender Equality in Fisheries Management and Decision Making (GEFMaD)”, which is being sponsored by STAR Ghana, funded by UKaid, DANIDA, and European Union. The project is being undertaken at Axim, Ankobra, Asanta […]

Improved fish smoking
December 4, 2016

Daasgift Quality Foundation FNGO has in the area of energy and climate change awareness creation created awareness on improved fish smoking technologies in some fising communities in the Western Region. These stoves reduce smoke emmission, use less fuel wood and reduce the PAH levels in fish reducing the health risk of consumers. Study tours were […]

Hygienic Fish Handling
December 4, 2016

Daasgift Quality Foundation FNGO under the USAID/SFMP project has launched its first ever HYGIENIC FISH HANDLING CAMPAIGN At Shama and Axim to create awareness on the need to adapt safe and improved fish handling practices right from the “Net to the Plate”. This activity is expedient as the majority of fish on the Ghanaian market […]

Business Development Training
December 4, 2016

Daasgift Quality Foundation- FNGO has during the years 2015 and 2016 engaged in a number of activities geared towards livelihood improvements. The beneficiary communities include Shama, Axim, Ankobra, Asanta, Agona, Dixcove, Abuesi, Eziome, Eshiem, Kukwaville, Akpoazo etc. all in the Western Region of Ghana. Over four hundred (400) fish processors have been mobilized and grouped […]

Fish Processors Trained
December 4, 2016

Daasgift Quality Foundation FNGO mobilized and trained processors and also disbursed micro loans to help expand them expand their businesses to subsequently increase revenue and profit. This has encouraged savings and record keeping of transactions.

Village Savings and Loans
December 4, 2016

Village Savings and Loans Associations have been established in financially excluded communities hence bridging the gap between the unbanked and the banks. Solar phone charging businesses have also been introduced to these communities most of which are off-grid to help with communication whilst reducing the burden of travelling to distant communities to charge phone.

“We are going to sea”
December 4, 2016

Daasgift Quality Foundation FNGO sponsored for a period of three (3) months a local radio talk show called “Ye kor po” meaning “We are going to sea”. This program gave both women and men in the fisheries sector an opportunity to freely express themselves on issues affecting their work. Unlike previous years when women feared […]